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Based locally, Rotorua Super Passes is the only dedicated tourism company specialising in combined sightseeing of attractions based in Rotorua.

Long renowned as the hub of North Island tourism, Rotorua has been hosting visitors to the city since the early 1800’s when visitors came from all over the World to see the famed Pink and White Terraces regarded as the eighth wonder of the World. The terraces were destroyed in the mighty eruption of Mt Tarawera in 1886, however tourism is as strong as ever and now both man made and natural attractions put Rotorua high on the priority list of “must see” places to visit.

Rotorua Travel NZ Ltd, the operator of Rotorua Super Passes, offers complete packages for the most discerning visitor, whether it be adventure based, educational, agricultural, Maori heritage or geothermal activities.

The majority of attractions utilised by Rotorua Super Passes are Qualmark™ rated, ensuring that a quality product is offered. With over 30 years experience  in the New Zealand tourism industry, Rotorua Super Passes is confident it can make your visit to Rotorua an enjoyable and memorable experience.