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School Holidays In Rotorua!

School Holidays In Rotorua!

What a fantastic week we have had during the school holidays in Rotorua. So many families have come to make the most of the amazing selection of activities and the unseasonably warm weather.

If you haven’t made it here yet – then come on over.  We are only a short trip from Hamilton, Tauranga and Taupo and an easy 2.5 hours drive from central Auckland.

If you are not sure what activities to do then check out one of our family focused packages:

Rotorua Escapade Pass

This is an awesome ‘drive yourself’ pass that includes a choice between Paradise Valley or Rainbow Springs (both a hit with kids who are animal lovers), Agroventures  (you can try out either the Agrojet, Shweeb, Swoop or Xtreme Freefaller) or the Zorb (rolling down a hill in a globe cushion – come on Dad!)

Your pass then follows on to a scenic and relaxing trip up the Skyline Gondola…followed by a thrilling race down the hill on the fantastic Luge (even Mum will enjoy this one).

And to help finish the day off on a high, your pass takes you to the famous Polynesian Spa where you can relax in the geothermal waters.

There are many fantastic accommodation deals for families in Rotorua, with a large selection of motels offering spa pools and self catering kitchens, and hotels that cater for families of 5 or less – including free meals for the kids!

So no excuses – book all the best Rotorua activities online now and we will see you here in Rotorua these holidays.