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Monster 4×4 Thrill Ride


Meet the monster. It’s huge. It’s loud. It roars with V6 Power. Hold on tight for the ultimate thrill ride!


Your helmet and protective gear are on. Your driver has strapped you in securely. High up on the Monster 4X4’s back you feel your adrenaline begin to pump. With a roar and utilising its massive suspension, it accelerates into the bush and tears up a steep track. The 4X4’s unique 4-wheel steering mechanism helps to power through New Zealand native bush and up and down near-vertical slopes tackling the ‘Widow Maker’ and the ‘Loggers Long Drop’.


Your knuckles are white as trees brush past. The Monster 4X4 twists; it bucks; it swerves; it tilts – every part of your body will be holding on tight.


Fast Facts:

  • Duration:  Whole experience approx 15 minutes.
  • Passengers need to be 1.2 metres or taller.
  • After making your booking online, you will receive a confirmation booking voucher which can be handed to the reception desk at the attraction or activity.