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Zydro Wet Ride For Three

Zydro Wet Ride For Three

You and two friends can jump inside a 3.5 metre inflatable Zydro Zorb globe and roll down specially designed hills on a 1 metre cushion of air!


The ZYDRO ride is Zorb’s wildest ride! The three of you and a few litres of water (warm in winter and cool in summer) are thrown inside the authentic ZORB globe and you’re sent slipping, sliding and spinning down the hill.


Described as a cross between a water slide and a roller coaster, you love the experience with your mates.


You’ve also got a choice of tracks – choose from the Straight Track, or go wild on the Zig Zag or The Drop track. There’s something for everyone – but remember to bring a towel and change of clothes (or swim wear) as you will get wet.


Zorb is a New Zealand company that invented the Zorb globe and the sport of globe riding (rolling down a hill in a large inflatable globe).


Fast Facts:

  •  Opening hours are 9.00am to 5pm.
  • You must be 6 years or over and 1.6 metres tall
  • Weight: No more than a combined weight of 250 kilograms to ride the ZYDRO for three.
  • Remember to bring a towel and change of clothes (or swim wear) as you will get wet!
  • After making your booking online, you will receive a confirmation booking voucher which can be handed to the reception desk at the attraction or activity.



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